Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 19

Hello!!!! Wow I feel like a lot happened this week... we skyped which was the best thing ever!!!!! It just was a long week here in general. I am glad to hear everyone's week went well!! 

Fred's talk sounded like it went great!!! and it sounded hilarious!!!! hahahahah But, I'm glad it went well!!!

My week was good. I ate lots of food... hahaha all the food from my packages is now gone. We pretty much cleaned out all of our members!!! But, other than food we had our Christmas activity this week!! We got to watch a freaking Christmas movie!!!!!!! It was called Aurther's Christmas. It was the coolest thing ever!!!!! I actually felt like it was Christmas time. hahaha and we played games, sang some songs.. it was awesome!!
Me and Elder Sutton did changes again... hahah just like always it was awesome. Having a white comp would be so fun!!!!! hahahaha 

I hope every ones Christmas was amazing. I prayed for you all a lot and I hope Fred is excited to leave!! Even though he is in Cali right now..... watching football!!!!!!
Geez I feel like so much happened this week but I dont know what to talk about!!!! We are teaching a new family. They were very old investigators, and for a while didn't want anything to do with us but they ended up just coming to church on Sunday and me and my comp taught gospel principles, they loved it and are going to let us to teach them again! So thats going to be good. 

Well I love you all so much and cant wait for the next time I'm able to skype you guys!!!! hahaha even though its not for a little bit more time;) I love you all so much!!!!! and will talk to you soon.

elder baker 

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