Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 15

Hello!!! How was everybody’s week!? It sounds like everybody had a good week from the emails. Haha except gage... let him know I hope he is feeling better!!!

As for me my week was good... I will start with Thanksgiving! We had a multi zone and had a lesson on the meaning "thanks" and we also ate good food!! Like Thanksgiving food!! Haha it was kinda funny because only the white kids actually celebrate thanksgiving... so all of the Latinos didn't understand it. But it was super fun!!

My birthday was good!! I got your package!!!!!!! Thank you soooo much!! Haha I wasn't able to wait super long without eating it all... but it was super good!! So thank you very much!!! Then today, my district leader Elder Sutton (the kid from Mesa) bought me breakfast and told the people it was my b-day so they gave this stuff called flan and sang happy b-day to me!! I have pics of that so I will send them!!! Haha it was super funny. Then the night before my b-day we all went out for papusas, because we were fasting Saturday night. So we had my b-day dinner one night early!!

Now for the temple, it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life!!!! The inside was sooooo pretty!!! It had murals of the jungle and aghhh it was so amazing!! President and his wife came with us too. After we finished the session, President took me in the sealing room and was talking to me about how this is where I need to take my wife some day!! It was really cool. But yeah, this week went by sooo fast!!!!!

As for the teaching part of the week it was really good!!!! We now have 4 dates for the end of this month!! I am super excited... it's with Alba and her family!! We did splits with one of the APs this week too... He is an amazing missionary and teaches so good!!! I literally felt like I sucked at teaching after being with him. But, that night when my district leader called for the daily numbers, he was with the AP for changes the next day, and he said the AP told him that I teach really good and that I am a super good missionary!! And that he thinks I'll be a leader in the mission some day!!! So that was really, really cool... but I can honestly say that wouldn't even be possible with out all the help I have gotten from my Father in Heaven. Well I love you all soooo much!!!! ...and thanks for all of the emails!!!

elder baker

Elder Baker's 19th Birthday! El Salvadorian Style!

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