Monday, December 23, 2013

Week 18

Hello!!!! So this week was good. Me and my comp are doing lots better!! We have so much more fun teaching than me and Elder Cruz did!!! Yes... we live in the house by ourselves but it doesnt bother me that he only speaks english!!! We get along super good!! We had a good week. We have some more dates for the first week of Jan. But, the bad news is that Alba and her family ended up not getting baptized... it sucks but we are still working hard!!
Me and Elder Sutton did changes again and put a baptism date with one of the investigators ..and while we were working we found a HUGE snake!!!!! Like giant. We got a picture with it, but the bad thing is I forgot my camara in the house today... so I cant send any pictures!! I'm sorry.... 

I am doing good!! It's weird that it is almost Christmas!! I'm sooooo excited to talk to you guys!! haha only 2 days:) i cant wait!!!!!! I'll be doing it at like10 in the morning!!! So 9 where you guys are!!! aghhh im so excited!!! It's going to be awesome. Thanks for sending the suit coat and acne stuff!!!! haha the mission wont think anything about you guys... trust me!! hahaha
Well I'll be talking to you guys in two days so I'll save a lot of the stuff to say for then;) I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!
Talk to you guys on Wednesday at 10 am here 9 am in AZ!! love you

elder baker

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