Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 16

Hello!!! How was everyone's week!? I guess I will start with how cool that is about the baptism you guys went to!! That is awesome. Baptisms have such a strong spirit!!! I love going to them. 

That is also soooo crazy that its already about time for Fred's farewell... time flys doesnt it?? That is super exciting though!! 

Thanks for setting up the Skype too!! That is going to be a super great day when I get to skype you guys!!! I literally can not wait for that. 

So, lets see... I also LOVE the picture of you guys getting the christmas tree!!! I can't believe its already been a year since the last time we were all there!!! I am just happy to see you guys are getting a real tree, cuz if it was fake I would be very upset!!! 

Oh and that is crazy how close me and mitch are to each other!!! Maybe I'll just walk over there some day;) hahaha!! I wish... They get to go to the beach!!! They are super lucky!!! 
Well my week was good!!! Me and Elder Cruz have gotten better at teaching together!! Haha finally... but, we invited three more people to be baptized on the 22nd of December!! So lets just hope that people keep wanting more of our lessons!!! 

The christmas devotional last night was awesome. It's definitely different in Spanish because it's not their real voices!!! But, it was still really cool!! I am just super excited for Christmas!! I have the tree you guys sent me on my desk and we have a little bit of christmas music!! So, I am just getting ready for the holidays;) 

I gave my first blessing in Spanish this week!!!!! When we asked her who she wanted to give it, she said me and i was like.......what? Hahaha... but it actually wasn't too bad!!! 

This next sunday, me and Elder Kendall.. the other white elder in our ward, are giving talks in church!! Haha so that should be fun... just pray I don't forget Spanish when I get up there!! Hahaha... but, yeah everything is going good!! I am healthy, and just working hard!! We have changes this week and we will find out tomorrow if we are going to get new comps... so next time we write I will either have a new comp or I will still be with Elder Cruz!! 

Well, I am doing good!!! I miss you all tons, love you all tons, can not wait to talk on christmas!!!! I think about you all the time. Well... I am trying to think if there is anything else new this week... haha I saw a snake and two huge spiders. Like giant!!!!! Lets just say I did not like the spiders.. hahaha well i love you all tons!!! and will talk to you soon!!!:) 

elder baker

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