Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 17

Hello!!!! I guess I will start with you guys! I think it is so funny Jace broke his arm too!!! hahaha I love it, they are taking after me;) 

I cannot believe that Haley had surgery again!! That is terrible.... I feel so bad for her!!  ...and that's so weird that Fred farewell is already in two weeks!!! Let me tell you, I can not wait to talk to you guys on Christmas!!!! I think about it every single day!! haha maybe a little more than i should;)... but I'm just really excited!!!! It is going to be so awesome!!! AND... I got the Christmas package!!! I'm actually surprised how fast I got it!!! But it was amazing!!!! The food and everything!! Everything that is wrapped I am saving to open on Christmas. So thank you soo soo very much!!! 
Lets see, I have a new companion!!!! And I am still in the same area!! His name is Elder Hernandez and he is from El Salvador. He is waiting for his visa to go to Peru but he says he will be here for a while. He is cool, its definitely different without Elder Cruz but he is cool!!! He is a really good teacher, but you should have seen him the first couple of days.... he HATED the area!!! He made sure to make that clear!! hahaha He wanted to leave so bad... but we had a good couple of days and he is a lot better now!! haha He speaks absolutely 0 english.. not a single word!!! So that is weird.. but it is super good for my spanish!!!! 
So yeah... same area, new companion, good investigators, and we are working super hard!!!!! This week felt pretty long... but it also went by pretty fast!! Its weird. haha But, I am just happy its p-day and its one day closer to Christmas!!!! haha I'm even waiting to open the pajamas till Christmas Eve!! 
Lets see... OHHHHH and something else!!!!! So Magdalena (my area) used to be Magdalena 1 and Magdalena 2 two different areas!! BUT THEY CHANGED IT AND NOW ITS ALL JUST ONE!!! So my area is huge now!!!!! So we do lots and lots of walking!!! So right its just really hard trying to figure out how to work in both parts of the area!! When they are like 30 minutes away from each other!!! hahaha but were figuring it out:) 

Well I am doing good!! healthy:) Thanks again for the package!! and the emails!!! I love you all so much. talk to you soon!!!!
elder baker

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