Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 4

Hi mom!!!! ...and everyone else!! :) How is everyone doing!? I hope you are all doing great!!! I miss you all tons!! This week was crazy here in Mexico. It's the week of the Mexican Independence Day and so all of Mexico was like a huge party!! They had this like big assembly with all this Mexican traditional stuff going on-- like dances and all this crazy stuff! Then on Sunday night we all went to the gym and did a Grito--which is when the president gets on TV and says stuff and after everything he says we yell viva!!! It was fun:) I am glad some of you got my letters, but I am excited for the rest of you to get them too!!! I
can't believe I only have two weeks left... and that I have been gone for a month!! It went by really fast!! Mom if you could do me a couple of favors...First, please send me plastic sheet covers! (but probably send them to El Salvador by now) and put my snowboard inside somewhere!!! haha I know its kinda random, but thanks!! This week went by super fast, our lessons with investigators went great!! One especially was super spiritual, I actually started crying during the lesson!!! I know I am a baby, but it was awesome!! I am excited to see Blake and get the stuff!!! So I will look for him:) I love you all!!!! Tell Riggs, Jace and Gage that I say hi and that the letter I sent you guys has a little something for them! Actually one of them might have been in the letter you got... anyway, I love and miss you all!!!!!

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