Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 5

Hello!!!!! How is everyone!? This week went by soooo fast!!! Now
I am on my last week here!! I am so excited to leave!!! I went to the
Mexico City temple again for my last time today!! It is so beautiful.
I wish you could all see it!! It is just hard to get pictures of it because of how close it is to the street and the streets are crazy here!!! But anyway the temple session was great!! It is crazy how much more of the Spanish I can understand now compared to my first week!! Thank you so much for my package!!! It was amazing. I loved all the letters, the food, and you guys literally sent me everything I needed!! Wow I miss you all so much...I have the best family in the world, then of course the best friends in the world too!!! So those two put together just make me the luckiest person ever!! It was awesome getting to see
Blake, his companion is awesome!!! So I know he is happy!! His p-day is Thursday! So if anyone gets this email that talks to his family you can tell them that!! Wow I cant believe this is my last week, the lessons are getting better and better! I am sooooo excited to teach the people in El Salvador!!!! I am glad to hear football is going good for my brothers! How is Riggs!? I hope he is doing tons better!!! Well I love you all so much!!! I will talk to you soon:)

elder baker

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