Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 2

‪‪Hi mom!!!! Oh gosh I love you so much and I miss you tons!!! The time is starting to fly here. I can't believe its already p-day again!!!!! The MTC is getting lots better. The language is still pretty hard but it gets a little better everyday!! The scriptures are literally my best friend!!!! I read them all of the time!!! I love you all so much! Mom I got your letter and the two pictures! I loved it:) It made me feel so comforted!! The pictures were awesome!! I am glad to hear everyone is doing good...except Riggs. :(  I am sorry he is so sick!! Make sure you tell him I love him and make sure he gets a blessing!!! Our native people we lived with left already... it sucked saying bye to them because they were awesome!! But, they only had to stay two weeks!! We started teaching a new investigator and that is all going good too! So as for stamps you can send U.S. or Mexican ones!! I sent out letters today so watch for those!! I hope everything is good in AZ! It rains like everyday here...like HEAVY rain for a long time!!! I am sosososo excited to get to El Salvador... the MTC is nice but the classes suck!!! Well, I love you all so so so much!!!! I miss you tons!!!  Keep sending emails they are awesome!!! Tell Fred, Haley, Jace, Riggs and Gage they are the best siblings in the world and tell Fred he will love the mission!!! He will be a great missionary!! I talk about all of you so much!!! Well I will talk to you later!!! love you!!!

elder baker

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