Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 11

Hey everybody!!! This week was awesome. I guess I will start with the spiritual parts of the week... We have been teaching this family, the Onofre family, and the cool part is we have been going to their house for the past two weeks and every night we pray that they will read and pray so that the next lesson they will have some questions or experiences of feeling the spirit. So, the first time we went to their house we met the mom of the house--her name is Ada and she is about 55. We taught her once and she said we could come back. So when we came back she wasn't there, but her daughter was and she let us teach her!! The daughter's name is Kristy and she is 23 and after the lesson she said she wanted us to come back in a couple of days-- after she had a couple of chances to read the Book of Mormon!! So, when we came back neither Kristy or Ada was there. But, Kristy's sister was and she wanted us to teach her!! Her name is Carolina and she is 19. Then, once again, after the lesson she asked us to come back the next day! So... we came back the next day and all three of them were there!! Along with there Uncle Raul... so we taught Raul, AND Ada Kristy and Carolina had all read the Book of Mormon and prayed and said the felt good about it!! So, it has been an awesome experience because every time they weren’t home, when we would come back to their house, it was a little upsetting. But now it's awesome because we have a whole family!! Lots of prayer went into these lessons and I can see it really paid off. I am excited to see what happens with them this next week!! 

So this week was really good! We had two nights when I came home looking like I went swimming in my dress clothes because of how hard it was raining!!

I am getting more and more used to all of the bugs here!! There are honestly soooo many spiders in every house. But, I don't freak out when I see them anymore and I even stay pretty calm when they are on me!

Hahaha and my Spanish is getting a lot better!! It is still hard... and understanding everything is still impossible!! But, this family in my area was just telling me how good my Spanish was after one of our lessons this week! They actually said that it's better than the last white elder that was there after 3 and a half months!! So, that made me feel pretty good!! Haha actually really good!! All I know is that the gift of tongues is real!!

Lets see... I guess the last thing cool that happened this week was on Saturday. When Elder Cruz and me were walking to our area we saw a bunch of the members in our ward playing soccer and they were just like "elders come play!!" So we totally just played soccer in all of our dress clothes and stuff!! Haha it was super fun but we had already started our fast... so that kind of sucked after... but it was still awesome!! Haha well this week was good!! I will talk to you soon!! love you. 

elder baker

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