Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 13

Hello!! So, I will start with I feel lots better... which is super good because it SUCKED!!!! I was pretty freaking sick. Monday got pretty bad again, after I emailed you guys, but I started feeling lots better Tuesday and I am now all better!! I'm not sure what I had... the tests didn't say much about it. It was really weird! Monday I got this rash all over my body and it itched like crazy, but they aren't sure what that was either... hahaha the doctors are great!!;) But, its all gone now and I feel good!! 
This week was good!!! We have this super good family we are teaching right now, Alba (the mom) and her two kids!! They are awesome! We have taught them the first lesson, and the second time we went to their house we just talked about the Book of Mormon because they had a bunch of questions about it!! We are going to be putting a baptism date with them for the first of December!! So, hopefully everything keeps going well with them!! I love going to their house because her kids are awesome!! Her son is 15 and her daughter is 8... Bydon and Michelle. Both of them love reading and praying, and they love making their mom do it, even when she doesn't want to!! Haha so they are lots of help!!

As for the other family I told you guys about, family Onofre, Kristy is still doing good! She reads and prays sometimes, we are working pretty hard with her because she doesn't come to church!!!! It's super annoying. But she is still doing good and we are going to TRY and put a date for the first of December with her too. She has an 8 year old daughter and she loves the missionaries!! She is super cool, and then she also has a 4 year old son Juan and he is super cute!! So going over to their house is awesome! 1) Because they have a Christmas tree and lights up and I love looking at them... and 2) because their family is just awesome! So that's pretty much it for the lessons part of the week....

 What else happened this week?? I did splits with Elder Sutton!! Haha I havn't really talked about him much, but him and Elder Kendall are like my best friends in the zone! Elder Sutton is our district leader, and he is super cool!!! He is from mesa and he skates and snowboards!!! So, as you can imagine, doing splits with him was super fun!!! We had a pretty good time. He has like 15 months in the mission and he kept telling me how good my Spanish was... so that felt good!! The Lord is really helping me with that!!! Oh and me and Elder Kendall are making a Christmas card to send home!!! I bought a Santa hat and a little Christmas tree today!! hahaha Elder Kendall lives right by us and we eat lunch with the same Cocinara, so we are planning this out pretty well!! haha 

No mom... I haven't gotten the package yet... but I should soon! Have you gotten my letters yet??  I am doing good!!! Haha I had a spider in my hand the other week... I forgot to tell you guys about that!!! The people promised me it wouldn't bite so I held it... it was gross!!!!! haha I freaked out. Well, I love you all!!! ...and I will talk to you soon LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

elder baker

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