Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 12--For Mom!

Mom!! Ok, so this is your email that you don't have to forward... So, I told you in the other email about how I got sick... it really, really sucked!!! But, thanks for the email!! My week was pretty boring, but your week sounded alright!! Haha... I'm glad to hear Gage is staying out of trouble and doing good in school!! I am very glad to hear dad is finally getting his knee checked out!!! It's about freaking time. Hahaha and I am sorry to hear about Haley... me and her can be sick together!! Haha as for Riggs, I'm not surprised that he feels stressed not knowing as much as everyone else... he is just like that!!!

Oh, and you had as good question!! Yes I get to Skype home on Christmas. I'm not sure the time but I do get to!! Ughh I miss you guys a lot!! The story with you and Haley in the hospital was hilarious!!! I literally laughed when I read it!!! I just remember all of our trips to the hospital! Haha!! Ughh, I love you so much and wish I could see you!! Talk to you soon. Love you!!!!

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