Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 74

Hi everyone!! Well, this week was super crazy... but I loved it. We definitely worked pretty hard and the week went by super fast. ALL week I was working in other parts of the mission and I didnt even see my house! I'll send you a pic of me and my comp before we left for the week! President bought us air beds so we take them with us everywhere we go. 

At the beginning of the week me and Elder Griffin left to go visit together in zones called Juayua and Nahuizalco. Tuesday we started off going to their zone meeting and teaching a little bit... and then after that we left to visit with lots of different missionaries and their investigators trying to put baptism dates. It was an amazing experience. I had a missionary tell me that he was having a hard time because his grandpa had just died, but that the zone meeting me and elder griffin gave helped him a lot because he hadn't felt the spirit so strong since he was in the MTC... and it made him feel better. 

After working in those two zones we went back to Santa Ana and met up with Elder Contreras and Elder Juarez... then me and Elder Contreras left to go work with missionaries and some other different zones until today! 

Today we got back to the mission office and we were in meetings all morning with pres and now I am writing you guys:) So it was a busy week, but I loved it! I am learning lots. Sometimes I still feel like I can be doing so much better! But, I'm loving the experience. Today I will be getting my licence so this week I will have a car:) That will make things easier... because traveling on the bus with lots of stuff is hard. ANYWAYS thats a little bit about my week. 

I am glad you guys had a good week! I can't believe how much fun it looks like you all had!! Except all of the injuries... haha but, I love you all so much and thanks for all of the support. adios!!
elder baker

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